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Gustavo A. Benejam, Psy.D., M.S.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individual, Couples, Family, Group, and Psychological Testing Services
Services offered fully in English & Spanish

Conditions Treated:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Phobias
  • Interpersonal / Relationship Difficulties
  • Burnout
  • Important life Events & Transitions
  • Couples Issues
  • Family Issues
  • LGBTQ+ Issues
  • Bipolar Disorders

Welcome to Brickell Psychology!

I appreciate how critical and delicate finding the right person and fit is when it comes to psychotherapy. Feeling heard, understood, supported, and safe is of utmost importance when navigating life challenges. As such, I am dedicated to protecting your trust and providing you with emotional safety as you undertake the vulnerable yet enriching journey of therapy. 

A main focus of my approach is developing a deep understanding of you and your unique experience within a space of openness and non-judgment. I use an integration of researched and effective techniques tailored to your individual circumstances, history, and symptoms; including interpersonal process, acceptance and commitment (ACT), existential, and dialectical behavioral therapies. I have experience with insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral, and value-based approaches. 

In addition to targeting and improving your specific symptoms (e.g., anxiety, depression, impulsive behaviors, challenging thought patterns, etc.) and providing you with effective coping skills, my approach focuses on empowering you by increasing your awareness, developing insight, increasing your sense of efficacy and choice, improving your interpersonal relationships, and acting in alignment with your core values while making meaning in your life. 

I have experience in working with depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, adjustment to new or difficult circumstances or life-stages, trauma, and other common mental health conditions. I provide individual, couples, family, and group therapy, as well as, psychodiagnostic and psychoeducational testing at Brickell Psychology both in person and via telehealth throughout Florida. I provide all services fluently in English and Spanish. 

I received my Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from Albizu University in Miami and completed my internship at the Faulk Center for Counseling. I have completed externships and received specialized training at various sites including Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Psychology program, Florida Forensic Psychology, and the Broward Sheriff’s Office. 

I welcome the opportunity to work with you,

Gustavo A. Benejam, Psy.D., M.S.

How I Can Help You

It's my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we'll work together to achieve your goals.

My Education

Learn more about my experience in order to build trust for me and my psychology lectures
Graduate School of Education
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Psychology University
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Graduate School of Education
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