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Restore your sense of purpose, passion, and balance


Are you experiencing emotional and physical exhaustion, low motivation, a lack of creativity and inspiration, and/or a sense of dread for your work? You may be experiencing burnout.

Burnout is the term coined to describe the reaction we have to prolonged and chronic job-related stress, which results in negative emotions about work and—eventually—other aspects of our life. Considering the amount of hours we dedicate to our work, prolonged burnout constitutes a serious threat to our mental and physical health. Unaddressed burnout can develop into depression and anxiety, trigger pre-existing mental health conditions, and aggravate multiple stress-related health conditions.

Identify change and get support

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Unfortunately, burnout is becoming an increasingly common experience fueled by demanding workloads, unreasonable expectations, and communication breakdowns with coworkers and employers. Additionally, personal factors such as lifestyle choices, personality traits (e.g., perfectionism, rigidity, and pessimism), and interpersonal relationships can contribute to and aggravate burnout.

At Brickell Psychology, we help you address burnout through identifying changes for work circumstances, gaining insight into challenging personal patterns, and developing adaptive coping and self-care strategies. Reach out to us today in order to stop and reverse the effects of burnout on your life while feeling supported and understood in your journey.

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