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Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Nourish the deepening of your connection

Couples Therapy

As with individual therapy, couples have their own, unique reasons for talking to a professional. Some couples decide to talk to a psychologist because they want to build a solid foundation for their life together, while others may reach out to address a specific circumstance or after they have been struggling for a while. Relationship struggles are a part of even the healthiest, loving relationships.

Regardless of your circumstances, the decision to talk to a psychologist about your relationship shows that you care about your partner and are invested in the deepening of your connection and mutual understanding. Couples therapy ultimately represents the opportunity to work through obstacles to growth and healing; and is beneficial regardless of where you are in your relationship.

Attain your couple goals

We can help you and your partner achieve a deeper connection.

Couples therapy at Brickell Psychology can provide the safe and therapeutic environment within which to explore your circumstances. We individualize our approach to treatment based upon your needs as a couple and also integrate proven interventions which facilitate increased empathy, understanding, communication, and warmth in your relationship. A few reasons you may want to seek couples therapy include:

  • Feeling like you and your partner have grown apart.
  • Loss of trust due to infidelity or dishonesty
  • Experiencing frequent arguments that you cannot peacefully or effectively resolve.
  • Continuous/repetitive arguments about the same things.
  • Neither you nor your partner can come to an agreement on an important subject.
  • Preparing to get married and would like to pursue therapy beforehand.
  • Your relationship has begun to suffer, and you want to help fix it.
  • Your relationship has become routine and lacks excitement or passion.
  • You simply want to deepen your connection.
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